The Best Bluetooth Car Stereos from Pioneer

Driving with music is not really a requirement but it can make the whole trip a lot less boring, especially if you want to install the best Bluetooth car stereo. Even though you have a car stereo, you still wouldn’t be able to enjoy it if it’s not up to the mark. If you bought a brand new car with all the latest features, then you might not really need to replace the car entertainment system. It’s a different case if you bought a secondhand car or your car has been with you for a few years and it wasn’t fitted with the latest accessories.

Pioneer MVH-X380BT

Known as the newer and better successor of the Pioneer MVH-X370BT; the previous model is a discontinued model, but there are still online outlets that sell them since their stock hasn’t been sold out. If you’ve experience its predecessor, you’d notice that the majority of Pioneer MVH-X380BT’s features are similar but Pioneer has added a lot more twists and features. Specifically, there is a larger display, enhanced button layout, better control for those using Android devices and the ability on its own whether or not the device that’s connected is for music or simply for charging. Take note that the MVH-X380BT does not feature high-end radio options, HD radio, a CD player or customizable fonts.

Pioneer MVH-X580BS

No matter which one of these Bluetooth stereos you choose, you can’t really go wrong thanks to the quality and features that they posses. The MVH-X580BS is a newer and better version of the MVH-X560BT; its predecessor has also topped charts during its time. The MVH-X580BS is SiriusXM ready and is fully equipped with numerous other extra features including a Spotify app. As for the display, users can customize colors and it displays a whole extra line for the rest a song’s info.