NFL 2017 – How Technology has changed the game

The dynamics of the technology have changed the mankind in last one decade.  The rapid surge has its own impact in day to day life as well.  However,  the technology has made huge impact on NFL as well.  Starting from Sports Picks,  NFL latest news to Free Sports picks and Predictions are technology based.  However,  the scope has gone much beyond than that.  If you closely follow the NFL 2017, then you will come across some of these innovative technology that are used on the ground. 

Player Movement

This is one of the most common technologies used on the ground to track the movement of the players.  The RFID tags or Radio Frequency tags are used to determine the position of the players.  Two tags are placed at the shoulders of the player and the receiver remains placed outside the ground.  Zebra Technology is the most common in this field.

Body Stress

A quarterback throws the ball with immense power and the fatigue and workload can lead to injury.  It is equivalent for others as well.  Biomechanics is being used now to determine the workload,  stress and fatigue on bones and muscles.  MotusQB and Lumo Run are common in this field.


NFL is all about strength and a specially designed wristwatch has been implemented to understand the required strength. Athos is very common to determine that.


Injury is part of the life for the NFL players and thus technology has even entered there.  Biometrics are generally used to determine the bodily factor in order to completely recover and regain Fitness.  Nelpha is very common in recovery technology.

There are many other technologies that are constantly used such as blood pressure measurement,  heart rate measurement and even genetics determination to upgrade the level of NFL.