Legality of Medical Marijuana

You probably wonder why weeds have made legal in some states in USA, but this actually have enough reasons. Perhaps, it would be better to ask if why is medical marijuana legal in Illinois and some other places, because such usage of cannabis have started all of this changes in the laws. You just have to know more about weed prohibitions and rulings in your place, before you would feel free in using it.

Why is Medical Marijuana Legal in Illinois and in Some Other States?

Marijuana have been considered as illegal in the federal law for a long time, but it was shakened when some other countries started to legalize medical usage of cannabis. It caused a chain reaction from one state to another, and involved different prohibitions and rulings.

This is because marijuana is proven to have high effectivity in treating serious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV and even cancer. Cannabis Successive Researches backed up this findings, thus it would be illogical to stick with the old rulings of it being illegal.

In Illinois, possession, sales, trafficking and cultivation of marijuana is still against the law, but medical usage is permitted. You just have to acquire doctor’s recommendation for you to use marijuana, and get yourself registered under the state. Remember to follow such procedure for you to have legal permit in using medical marijuana, otherwise you’ll be charged when being caught. Additionally, note to use weeds for medical purposes only, and you should not have it for recreational purposes.

The field of medicine makes more and more discoveries; thus it’s not surprising to know about cannabis being a useful substance. This is the reason about why is medical marijuana legal in Illinois and in some other places, which we could see as a good step done for the health of many.