How to Select the Right Shoes for Your Outfit

The 1st step in choosing the best shoes is selecting the right shoes that flatter your outfit, instead of competing for your clothing. That is why professionals suggest pairing simple outfits with busier shoes and wearing clothing that has many prints with simple shoes. You can use Dorothy Perkins discount codes while purchasing those items. It could be tricky to look for shoes that flatter your clothing without being overpowered or dominated by it. However, the reality is that it is an easy balancing.


It does not matter how pretty your shoes are, how discounted they were when you purchased them, or how comfortable they feel when you wear them. They at least the wrong shoes temporarily if they do not fit the occasion, the environment, and the event.

Glittery evening shoes are not appropriate in the workplace. Flip-flops are not considered generally acceptable for a formal occasion.

Dressing in Season

Of course, there will be times when you will wear evening sandals when it is cold outside, and you may wear flip-flops even after the long official end of summer vacation. However, for instance, if you are wearing fall clothing, the simplest way to choose a pair of flattery shoes is to select shoes that have a similar look to fall shoes.

Best Colors

The extremely versatile shoes are black shoes. However, professionals believe that the main reason why most people buy black shoes is that they are scared of selecting the wrong shoe color for their outfit. However, colourful shoes are one of the best ways to deliver color to your wardrobe. You could wear shoes in colors that you will not dream of wearing. Even less popular colors for your shoes are easy to match with your attire. You could repeat the color in your shoes if it is present in your outfit.