How To Find The Best Wine Cooler

If you are a wine lover, you have to get the best wine cooler with the journey of looking for one being a taxing one. Bearing in mind that wine coolers, unlike cellars, are short time storage for wine, it is important to consider the price. Pick something that will be good value for money as you won’t keep it forever.

Things To Consider

Adjustable Shelves: Make sure that the wine cooler has adjustable shelves. Without them, you will be limited to size, numbers, and shapes of the bottles that you can store. So if you are a person with a varied collection of wine, adjustable shelves is a must have. If the shelves are removable, you will be in a position to stack the bottles in whichever way you want and also have an option of storing those bottles which you have already opened.

Energy Efficiency: Though manufacturers don’t list energy consumption for the wine coolers, you should take it upon yourself to read reviews online and find out what those who bought them before you are saying about them. The amount of energy a wine cooler consumes depends on the number of hours the motor and the fan are on per day. Also, the number of times you open the door of cooler contributes to the consumption of energy

Type of wine, red or white: Dry, light whites, sparkling and rose wines optimum serving temperature are 40 to 50; fruity reds and full-bodied whites optimum temperatures are 50 to 60 degrees, and full-bodied ports and reds optimum temperatures are 60 to 65 degrees. Make sure that your cooler can do between 45 and 65 degrees to be able to serve for both your red and white wines.

Finding the best wine cooler is the best thing that can happen to a wine lover and their friends.