Why Invest in an Executive Condominium Unit?

In today’s era, one of the most common types of houses is the EC, or the Executive Condominium. Essentially, these set themselves apart from other house types in a sense that these units are quite similar to hotels, except that they’re bigger, have all the essentials of a house, and are, ideally for more long-term renting. They are making a boom in larger cities in terms of their population, especially in small countries like Singapore. With that said, rivercove residences is one of the many booming EC providers there. What exactly are the reasons to invest in an EC? Let’s find out below.


One of the best features associated with investing in Condominium Units is definitely the convenience. While it may depend upon the condominium unit, there often are units which you could get fully-furnished, and thus all you have to do to move in is to pay the necessary fees and bring your bags along!

Safety and Security

Executive Condominiums are known for being large areas, with rooms usually beside each other. The ground floor of these ECs usually, and ideally have security guards located at the ground floor, which could help assure you of your security. Apart from a Security Guard, these units are usually equipped with CCTV Cameras, as well as centralized systems for fire alarms and sprinklers.


In order for you to feel good about staying in your condominium, you have to make sure that it’s as aesthetically pleasing to you as possible. Most of these ECs, especially rivercove residences are made with the help of a brilliant team of interior designers, engineers, and architects, which helps to lure people into renting the units that they sell and thus have more tenants.


Getting A Condominium Unit: 4 Questions To Ask

If you are looking for a condominium, an important thing you have to remember is that it is an investment. By investment, this means that you’re going to spend a huge amount of time, but nevertheless you’d be making use of it for a long time. Since you would be living in this space, proper care and consideration should be observed in getting one, which is something that the rivercove residences showflat would greatly help with. If you’re looking for one, here are some other questions that you ought to keep in mind in choosing one.

Is soundproofing good?

It wouldn’t be a good thing to hear the units beside you, as confidentiality, as well as conduciveness of the place to do things could be greatly affected. Always make sure that the walls are soundproofed as possible.

How many rent and own units?

The more the renters the place has, then the less likely that it’s a good complex for you to reside in. Don’t forget to ask on whether or not the complex has a set of restrictions for rental. More complex restrictions mean that it’s a better place to occupy.

How much does each unit cost to rent?

Most of the time, residential units in cities are just clumped together. Don’t hesitate to go from unit to unit to ask about the prices, as little differences could cause an impact in the long run. Make sure to make the most of your money.

Are there no pending issues?

Lawsuits, and problems with insurances and other policies are a red flag for any residential unit. Ask other homeowners regarding this issue, as this usually does not get answered by managers and owners.