Branded Bottled Water By Hydr8 Water

Customized branded bottled water is a great idea for advertisement and promotional marketing tool ideal for any kind of business out there. Hydr8 Water is a company that offers the very product; they offer their services from designing the label to packaging and shipping. Only the best and purest water available is used. The logo of the company is printed on the seal of the bottle; in case there is not available logo, another unique image can be used. With a simple water bottle, you’ll be able to easily promote the brand message of the company as well as offer a fantastic product to for their customers.

Hydr8 Water

Hydr8 Water is accredited by the Australasian Promotional Products Association. Customized branded bottled water is offered at wholesale prices. Since this is a customized order, there is a minimum amount which is 240 units or about 10 cartons. Bottled water orders are absolutely fresh at the time of order; the company never uses previously bottled stocks. The water the use is of the highest grade, pure and steam distilled. Hydr8 Water offers numerous bottle sizes to choose from, depending on the needs of the company.

The labels used by Hydr8 Water are absolutely waterproof, thus protecting the overall integrity of their brand. The labels are of commercial quality and are actually made of strong adhesive; it’s made a label that’s pressure sensitive over a paper laminate. Hence, the bottles can be submerged in water without depreciating the color of the label or the printed text. If you’re interested and have any inquiries about the company or the product, you can visit their official website and fill out their online form; other contact details including their contact number is displayed. Another option is to directly visit the manufacturer.