Couple ‘blew’ a homeless man’s $400k, cops raid house

10 September, 2018, 15:50 | Author: Clarence Schmidt
  • Martin P. Duffey left Christopher C. Fallon Jr. center who are lawyers for Johnny Bobbitt and Ernest E. Badway right who is the lawyer for the Kate Mc Clure and Mark D'Amico listen during a hearing on missing funds in the Johnny Bobbitt case

A day before a homeless man sued a New Jersey couple, accusing them of stealing $400,000 that they had raised for him on GoFundMe, the man was encouraged to dump his lawyer and take a check for "what's left" of the money rather than have it put in a secure trust and "end up with nothing".

According to a Facebook post from the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office, due to "the enormous public interest in this matter", they confirmed that authorities searched the couple's residence Thursday in connection with the investigation.

New York Post reports Jacqueline Promislo, a Philadelphia-based lawyer representing Johnny Bobbitt Jr., said that Kate McClure, a Bordertown woman Bobbit spent his last bit of money on when she ran out of gas on an interstate, started spending donation money meant for Bobbit nearly immediately after depositing the donations.

On Thursday, authorities raided McClure and D'Amico's house in New Jersey.

GoFundMe said they will dole out the cash if their investigation finds the claims to be true.

Mr D'Amico told The Philadelphia Inquirer they were reluctant to give Mr Bobbitt large sums of money because they were anxious he would spend it on drugs.

Badway did not respond to requests for comment Thursday.

They denied spending any of the money on themselves.

USA law enforcement officials converged Thursday on the New Jersey home of the couple accused of stealing money from a GoFundMe campaign set up to help Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless man whose kindness to a stranger touched hearts across the nation and beyond. In the suit, he says they used the account to "fund a lifestyle they could not otherwise afford".

Attorney Chris Fallon said he found this out during a conference call with the attorney for Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico on Tuesday morning. The man was gifted a auto -a 1999 Ford Ranger by the couple.

A Pennsylvania judge on Wednesday ordered the couple to appear in court Monday to provide sworn testimony regarding the dispersion of the money.

But the pair might refuse to testify about where the money went, their attorney indicated.

Bobbitt was also ordered to be deposed, but his attorney stated that he was in a 30-day treatment program.

But a dispute over the money has since arose. The relationship eventually became strained Bobbitt's lawyer says he's been told that all the money is now gone. But suddenly, she had a new BMW, and the couple was taking vacations to Florida, California and Las Vegas, Bobbitt told the Inquirer. Other videos showed D'Amico hitting golf balls off the lawn around the home.

There was even an appearance on NBC's "Megyn Kelly Today" show.

In this August 27, 2018 photo released by NBC, Mark D'Amico, left, and Kate McClure speak with host Megyn Kelly on "Megyn Kelly Today", in NY.

Instead, on September 4, Gizmodo reports, the couple's counsel told a judge that all of the funds are gone, despite initially claiming through their lawyer that there was still plenty of money left.



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