Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un's historic summit

15 June, 2018, 14:14 | Author: Clarence Schmidt
  • Kim Yo Jong sister of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un visits The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman says all the pressure is on President Donald Trump in the historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump hopes the talks with the rogue kingdom's despotic leader will amount to a historic breakthrough.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that the U.S. goal has not changed. But the dramatic act of extending his hand to one of America's longtime adversaries will forever illustrate Trump's gut-driven, norm-shattering tenure.

The summit will officially come to a close when Trump gives a public statement at around 9am United Kingdom time. Pompeo held firm to Trump's position that sanctions will remain in place until North Korea denuclearizes - and said they would even increase if diplomatic discussions did not progress positively. "People are going to be very impressed". In exchange, Trump agreed to "provide security guarantees" to North Korea. "Whether he means denuclearization, we're about to find out", Gardner said.

He changed tactics this year, sending a delegation to the Winter Olympics in the South and holding a summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

"Trump's going to be Trump", he told the AP.

"We will do it as fast as it can mechanically and physically be done", he said.

Described by his critics as a mini-Stalin, Kim was on something of a charm offensive in Singapore after arriving Sunday.

The summit is to begin at 9 a.m. on the resort island of Sentosa against the backdrop of the North's nuclear capability that Trump has vowed never to allow to hold the United States hostage. "As I wrote to both leaders last month, the road ahead will require cooperation, compromise and a common cause", he said.

Trump and Kim chatted amiably out of earshot as they walked into the building for the private meeting that preceded a full bilateral conference that included aides and advisers.

The remarks came amid an improbable series of events that few could have anticipated even three months ago. On the day before the meeting, weeks of preparation appeared to pick up in pace, with US and North Korean officials meeting throughout Monday at a Singapore hotel.

Assuring the United Nations system's readiness to support the process in any way, including verification if requested by the key parties, Guterres said the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty Organisation could also play an important role in monitoring the DPRK's announced moratorium on nuclear explosive tests.

Other unforeseen events also surrounded the summit, increasing the drama. Economic adviser Larry Kudlow told CBS News in Washington that "Kim must not see American weakness".

Trump has taken keen interest in the pageantry of the day, insisting the pictures beamed around the world reflect a commanding leader making a decisive, world-altering move. "I learned he's a very talented man".

The North's media continued to provide detailed coverage of its leader's trip in Singapore.

Kim assumed power after his father Kim Jong Il, also a brutal dictator, died in 2011.

While human rights will get a low billing in Singapore, Trump hasn't totally ignored the issue.

North Korea did not immediately disclose the identity of Kim's interpreter. Later they were seen smiling and laughing over lunch.

"Bad idea", tweeted Paul Haenle, a former China director at the White House National Security Council in the Obama and George W. Bush administrations.

In the run-up to the talks in Singapore, Trump had optimistically predicted the two men could strike a nuclear deal or forge a formal end to the Korean War in the course of a single meeting or over several days.

The meeting was the first between a sitting USA president and a North Korean leader.

Trump also said he hopes to eventually withdraw U.S. forces from South Korea, but said "that's not part of the equation right now". I was just getting sweaty. "I want to bring our soldiers back home", Trump said. It was an extraordinarily compressed timeline for the landmark summit, which at one point was called off entirely as communication broke down between Washington and Pyongyang.

A body language expert said both men tried to project command as they met, but also displayed signs of nerves. In that first meeting they were joined only by translators, a break from standard practice of having at least one aide present for high-stakes huddles. The two will later be joined by officials and have lunch together. At the same time, he'd admitted he doesn't believe he requires extensive preparation to take stock of Kim.

Talks proceeded at multiple levels, including logistical discussions to allay Kim's fears of being deposed while traveling further afield than he ever has before as the country's leader.

Mr Kim enjoyed great nocturnal views, it reported, adding that its leader "is going to learn a lot from the good knowledge and experience of Singapore in various fields in the future". He was spotted taking a moonlit stroll around the high-end Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino, owned by GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, the type of glitzy development few North Koreans could ever imagine coming to their country.



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