Amazon Launches Lite Internet Browser for Android

19 April, 2018, 06:34 | Author: Bennie Parsons
  • Internet fast lite and private is Amazon’s new web browser for emerging markets

The app is now available to users located in India users only and is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above. The app is now available but the app is not supported now. It also offers full screen browsing to get more space of reading. Like most lite apps the app is created to consume less space on the device. That's surely smaller than other browsers, including Chrome (21MB), Edge (54.5MB), Firefox (19.9MB) and Opera (14.7MB). Amazon says that the app is "private" and it doesn't seek for extra permissions which lead to collecting private data like other browsers do. With the amount of incompatibility across various devices, there's a chance that Amazon might still be in beta stages for such an app, the same reason why the company opted for a silent soft launch. Silk is based on the open-source Chromium project that uses Blink engine, Google Chrome uses it as well.

This mobile application, aimed at emerging markets, is now only available for Android and in India. Though the app is said to work well on Android devices running Marshmallow or above, we were not able to download the app from the Play Store on any of our smartphones despite running the latest version of the OS. Google has till date released YouTube Go, Google Go, Files Go, Gmail Go, Maps Go, Assistant Go and Facebook has released Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. Recently, Google started suggesting that if one should consider opting for a lite version of apps. Instead, the company has given it a generic name as "Internet: fast, lite and private" with promises that it will be lighter than the competition. It runs on Android 5.0 and higher. Interestingly, more than 85% of all mobiles sold worldwide in 2017 had Android as its OS. It truly shines on low-powered hardware, and it would've been the ideal browser for the likes of Nokia 1, HMD's first Android Go phone. By that metric, Amazon is following the common logic in a bid to target people who have low-specced devices or are deprived of a storming fast internet. A 2016 report by Bank of America Merill Lynch said that Amazon India will be the company's largest market outside of USA, accounting for over a fifth of the Amazon's total global sales by 2025. Amazon has also crossed over 100 million subscribers for its Prime service globally, shipping 5 billion items to Prime subscribers in 2017.

Jeff Bezos also said in his letter that Amazon can not ever rest on its achievements as customers, by nature, are always discontent.

Considering the element of appeal, the web browser isn't just to pull users for its "lite" factor.



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