Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: Israel Has a Right to Exist

06 April, 2018, 21:35 | Author: Bennie Parsons
  • Iran slams Saudi crown prince's war rhetoric

Iran has slammed Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after his statement over possible war with Tehran in 10-15 years.

He said this in answer to being asked if Jewish people had any right to a nation-state in a part of their homeland of their ancestors.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has done something unprecedented among Arab leaders: affirm Israel's right to exist. He said both sides had rights to have their own land and the global community needed to have a peace agreement to give a chance to stability for everybody.

The crown prince also said that while the ultra-conservative country has "religious concerns" about the holy mosque in Jerusalem and the rights of Palestinians, it has no objection "against any other people".

"This is what we have".

Forer further said the Saudi crown prince would not make similar comments about Mecca, the holiest city in Islam.

The increase in tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran has led many to speculate that the kingdom's shared interests with Israel in thwarting Iranian aggression would push the two countries closer together.

Israel's conflict with the Palestinians has long proved an obstacle to a full rapprochement, however, as Riyadh still supports the Palestinian claim to sovereignty.

Since 2002, Saudi Arabia has been the main sponsor of the Arab Peace Initiative, which sees a peace treaty between Israelis and Palestinians as a condition for normalization with the entire Arab and Muslim world.

The interview was published by the US-based Atlantic magazine on Monday, just days after 17 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during a peaceful march at the Gaza border on Land Day.

Prince Mohammed then took aim at Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
"Hitler tried to conquer Europe".

While Saudi Arabia has never had any formal diplomatic relations with Israel, reports of back-channel talks between Jerusalem and Riyadh have recently been surfacing and some have even been semi-confirmed by Israeli officials.

Under Mohammed, who past year consolidated his power in Saudi Arabia, longstanding secret ties with Israel have become more open; Saudi Arabia recently allowed flights launched in Israel by non-Israel carriers to travel through Saudi airspace.

Other topics of the king's conversation with Trump included the war in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia and the USA accuse Iran of supporting Houthi rebels, worldwide efforts to fight ISIL (Daesh) and the Syrian crisis.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's official visit has moved onto Seattle.

Many Arab leaders are increasingly anxious about the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, as well as al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once the USA plan is ready, Kushner is said to want the Saudis and other leading Arab countries to help persuade the Palestinians to accept it.

They bet instead on a young generation of Saudis hungry for change and a Saudi public fed up with corruption and government bureaucracy.



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