Astronomers are baffled by a newly-discovered galaxy that lacks dark matter

01 April, 2018, 03:48 | Author: Kristi Owen
  • Galaxy without any dark matter baffles astronomers

"The alternate possibility is that the globular clusters, or the objects they think are globular clusters, aren't really measuring the total mass in the way they think", he says. However, a newly discovered galaxy named NGC1052-DF2 is believed to have practically no dark matter at all, with 400 times less of the material than expected based on its volume and size.

Scientists have discovered a faraway galaxy without dark matter, which may ironically prove the existence of dark matter and its importance to the universe. If there were a normal amount of dark matter those clusters would be speeding around at about 67,000 miles per hour. The researchers suggested that DF2 could be an old tidal dwarf galaxy, formed from the gas cast out of other merging galaxies.

All of these oddities pale in comparison to the weirdest aspect of this galaxy: NGC 1052-DF2 is missing most, if not all, of its dark matter. Scientists have yet to be able to directly observe dark matter.

This was among those situations where exploration started with the expression "huh, that looks unusual".

Dragonfly is a multi-lens array that uses commercially available telephoto lenses with specially-coated optical glass that reduces scattered light.

When observing a collection of galaxies called the NGC 1052 team, the range identified a things that had actually turned up in various other studies of that area of the skies. What had seemed to be dim basic galactic structures in Dragonfly's view appeared as point-like sources in the Sloan image. Recently, the space scientists unveiled a certain ghostly galaxy that is very unusually transparent and is nearly the same size as the Milky Way.

Van Dokkum and his team plan to keep searching for similar galaxies-or just any other weird thing that challenges the current understanding of dark matter.

Scientists spoke of "a galaxy of absolute mystery, not predicted by any theory, everything on it is unusual. It is essentially a translucent galaxy". It is classified as an ultra-diffuse galaxy, a kind first recognized in 2015.

Every galaxy that has been spotted contained a dark matter signature.

Some of the clearest evidence comes from tracking stars in the outer regions of galaxies, which consistently appear to be orbiting faster than their escape velocity, the threshold speed at which they ought to break free of the gravitational binds holding them in place and slingshot into space.

The responses were very unexpected. They're going to need more study and more time to think on this, though, before they come up with anything concrete. If all of this is correct, the discovery will leave "all theories about galaxy formation" in a new state of suspension. But because there's so much dark matter in a galaxy, those stars will travel faster than can be explained by the normal matter we see. In this situation, there's a marginal distinction in between the 2. "Some have a lot of dark matter, and some have no dark matter". One idea suggests it's a result of a galaxy merger, and that the gas concentrated after being ejected. Scientists have found that normal matter - the stuff we do see - makes up only around 15 per cent of all the matter in the universe. It ends up that a galaxy without dark issue is inappropriate with designs that change it making use of changed gravity. This is only expected if dark matter is bound to ordinary matter through nothing but gravity.

"We asked ourselves where we had screwed up, if the measurements were wrong", he said. Thus, this leaves no speculative room for the existence of dark matter. The galaxy was then renamed NGC1052-DF2. Objects in it move much slower than objects in normal galaxies. How could this galaxy have formed? "It's like you take a galaxy and you only have the stellar halo and globular clusters, and it somehow forgot to make everything else", noted van Dokkum. But it doesn't look like an elliptical galaxy, either.


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